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Palance is Trinidad Roadmarch 2010

Official or not, everybody who has been on the road on Tuesday or watched the live streams already knows: Palance by JW and Blaze is Roadmarch 2010. A National Carnival Commission (NCC) official said there was no need to tally the score. ‘True Lies’ was heard three times, ‘No Behaviour’ once and Shurwayne Winchester’s ‘Riding It’ was played once. Downtown Port-of-Spain was in the hand of the Palance dance.

But not only in Port-of-Spain the revellers were palancing – at High Street, San Fernando, masqueraders, almost on cue, leaned from side to side, whenever ‘Palance’ played.

The late Road March king Lord Kitchener’s “Sugar Bum Bum” also enjoyed moderate air-play this year.

2010 Roadmarch Results
1. JW & Blaze – Palance (417)
2. Fay-Ann Lyons – True Lies (40)
3. Machel Montano – No Behaviour (11)

Source: T&T Guardian, Newsday, thisisjester