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Spirit of Carnival

The first release out of the Catalyst Music Camp for 2010:
Produced by Tony Brown for Mad Architect Music and Michelle “Miche” Williams for Catalyst Music.
Press text by Mad Architect:
Mr. Slaughter has been captivating audiences since the early days of Xcaliber Sounds. Known as a man of multiple talents, he is one of the few disc jockeys to cross over into the performing artist arena. With hits such as Pokey, Carnival I Love You & Tic Toc, he has been an act capable of bringing unique and mesmerizing ideas to the soca market.

This year is no exception. His latest release, Spirit of Carnival, is a 2010 offering that fully engulfs the emotions, energy and flavour of carnival season. It has elements of Jouvert, groovy and ragga soca all in one cohesive presentation. Visualizing this song on the road Carnival Tuesday, one can imagine the Spirit of Carnival taking full possession and causing carnival bliss.

Spirit of Carnival was co-produced by Michelle Miche Williams for Catalyst Music and Tony The Mad Architect Brown for Mad Architect Music. This song is one of the first tracks from their new campaign entitled The Unity Sessions. The Unity Sessions is a project created by the two production camps in an effort to spread more unity amongst the soca genre. They hope that by showing that producers and artists can work together as a team, it would be the early model that would facilitate soca into a more world recognized and profitable genre of music.

Cooperation is the key for overall success says The Mad pill marked cipro 500 Architect. I was happy to work on this project. There was a lot of talent involved between all the parties involved. The creative energy was so high at points that it was hard to sleep while working on this. But we pulled through and I hope it shows what the power of working as a team can do. And this is only the first project. I am excited to see what the future holds for future Unity Sessions. This is truly what the Spirit of Carnival is all about. Coming together as one and celebrating life. I think in these days of economical and social turmoil, we forget what Carnival is really all about.