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Mas Domnik 2009 results

Here are the results of this years’ Mas Domnik in Dominica.

Calypso Monarch
1. King Karessah
Songs: ‘Pastor’s Rod’ and ‘Calypso too patriotic’.
“Best Stage Presentation” Award
2. Observer
Songs: ‘Shut up legislation’ and ‘EIO’
3. Tarina
Songs: ‘Endangered Species’ and ‘Gwayé’

Junior Calypso Monarch
Sheldon Alfred / De Professor

Soca Monarch
Chester Letang/Daddy Chess (full article see also here

Road March
“Carnival is Colour” — Lloyd Wayland/De Energiser

Band of the Year
1. Go Girls and Kairi Mystique
Depiction: “Western Bacchanal”
2. Carnival Corner
Depiction: “Mélé Mélanjé”
3. Thunder Bird
Depiction: “Fire and Ice”

First Lapo Kabwit on the road — The Gutter Lapo Kabwit
Best Pappy Show — The Religious Ones
Best Individual on the road – Rohan James
Best Senns̩ on Carnival Monday РSt. Joseph group
First Steel Band on the road – Real Steel Band
Best Jou ouvé group — Newtown pre-school

The award for the lapo kabwit band which played the longest on the road – The Newtown Lapo Kabwit.

Queen Shows
Carnival Queen (Miss Dominica) – Kayan Toussaint
Carnival Princess – Chrislin Tavernier
Miss Teen Dominica – Kelcia Righton

Source: (Nurse) Karen (Etc), thanks Monika.