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Jamaica Carnival 2009 Cancelled

The Jamaica Carnival 2009 is the latest victim of the global financial crisis: the cancelation of the event that was about to happen next weekend (April 17-19) is now confirmed!
According to the organisation committee, 80% of Jamaica Carnival events depend heavily on sponsors and financial support. Due to the financial crisis it proofed impossible to raise enough funds for this year’s carnival. Furthermore the Jamaican Carnival has lost its founder and one of its strongest supporters in person of Byron Lee who died recently.
The next Jamaica Carnival is scheduled for 2011.
Sources: BBC, The Lime

R.I.P. Byron Lee

After some rumours about the deterioration of his health, the sad news are now official: Byron Lee passed away on the 4th of November 2008. The founder of the immensely popular band “Byron Lee and the Dragonaires” was one of the most famous ambassadors of Caribbean music all over the world for more than 50 years! His interpretations of Ska-, Rocksteady-, Calypso-, Reggae- and Soca hits found a growing and glowing audience not only in his homeland of Jamaica but also internationally. Since the late 1960s Byron “the Dragon” Lee is the owner of the label Dynamic Sounds. The company became a pioneer in the field of distributing foreign records for the major North American and European labels. During the 70’s major international artists frequented the company, for example the Rolling Stones, Roberta Flack and Bob Marley and the Wailers.
Beside his musical achievements on stage he was also one of the leading figures behind the scenes when it came to the launching of the Jamaican Carnival. First organised in 1990 it has since grown to become one of the biggest events in Jamaica.
One of more than 150 awards the musician won during his career was the honouring by the Caribbean Brass Festival Organization for Byron Lee’s contribution to the music industry in Trinidad 2001.
May the “Dragon” rest in peace. His music will live on, that’s for sure.