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Kurt Allen T&T Calypso Monarch 2010

Kurt Allen dethroned defending monarch Chalkdust on Dimanche Gras and became Trinidad & Tobago’s 2010 National Calypso Monarch. With his sharp-tongued political commentary “Dey too bright” he convinced the audience as well as

the jury.

Kurt Allen’s winning Calypso Monarch performance on sunday night:

Sources: Trinidad Express, Bandwagonist

Panorama 2010 results

Here are the results for Panorama 2010:

Large band category:
Silver Stars (Song: Battle Zone) – 291
Phase II Pan Groove (Song: Pan Army) – 284
Trinidad All Stars (Song: Large is large) – 282
Invaders – 274
Renegades – 274
Skiffle Bunch – 271
Harmonites – 268
Desperadoes – 268
Redemption Sound

Setters – 264
Fonclaire – 260

Medium band:
1. Steel Explosion (Radica) – 280
2. Courts Sounds Specialists of Laventille (Surrender) – 276.5
3. Katzenjammers (Lightning Strikes Twice) – 273

Small band:
1. Arima Golden Symphony (Smooth Sailing) – 270
2. Golden Hands (Dingolay) – 268.5
3. Merrytones (Pan War) – 268

Single Pan:
1. La Horquetta Pan Groove (Fire Coming Down) – 275
2. San Juan East Side Symphony (Black Man Feeling To Party) – 270
3. United Sounds (Magic Drums) – 268

via Pan on the net, Pan Jumbie

Trinidad Soca Monarch 2010 finalists

Next friday one of the most important competitions in Soca music will take place at Queen’s Oval Park in Port of Spain, Trinidad – the International Soca Monarch 2010.

soca monarch 2010 logo

Here are the finalists for both categories, groovy and power:

Groovy Finalists
Fayann Lyons- Start Wining (defending champion)
Lil Bits- Careful
Zoelah- More Water (St. Vincent)
Nnika Francis- Survivor (Grenada)
Miss TC- Hot Sun & Riddim (Barbados)
Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Dubois- Pavment
Shurwayne Whinchester- Murdah
Patrice Roberts- Wuk It
Chucky- Driffin
KMC- Nah Bad-Talk Man
Ainsley King – Bawl Out

Power Finalists
Fayann Lyons- True Lies (defending champion)
Blaxx- Hunting
Tallpree- Wicked Jab (Grenada)
Farmer Nappy- I Pay For This
JW & Blaze- Palance
Shall Marshall & Screws- Police
Tian Winter- Soca Rebals (Antigua)
Iwer George- Party Hard
Super Jigga TC – Template
Skinny Fabolous – Beast Leggo (St. Vincent)
Mr. Killa – Swing It Way (Grenada)
Daddy Chess – Ready Or Not (Dominica)
KMC F.Ronnie McIntosh-While – You Can

Links: Guardian | Facebook Event

Panorama Finals 2010

Please find a list with the results of the semi-finals for this year’s National Panorama competition on A great shock for many might be that the legendary steel band Exodus didn’t make it to the finals that will be held on February 13th, 2010 at the Queen’s Park Savannah. This is especially extraordinary since Pan Trinbago has just changed the rules for the Panorama and increased the number of finalists.
“As a result there will be ten (10) finalists in each of the three categories ie Small, Medium and Large Conventional Bands.
“Over the years,” said Richard Forteau, Secretary, “there have been requests to increase the number of finalists. We are pleased to note that we have taken the call to the authorities who have agreed to the increase, both in numbers and prizes.”
Responding to concerns of pan lovers about the length of the show, the official revealed it (Saturday’s finals) will be a tighter show, xenical side effects starting at 6:00 pm.” (Source: Pan Trinbago).

This song will be performed by several groups, e.g. Renegades and Silver Stars:

Anselm Douglas – Battle Zone by Faluma