Trinidad Soca Monarch 2010 Results

Fantastic Friday is done and here are the results of the International Soca Monarch 2010:

1. JW & Blaze – Palance
2. Fay-Ann Lyons – True lies
3. Shal Marshall

and Screws – Police
4. Tallpree – Wicked Jab

1. Shurwayne Winchester – Murdah
2. Fay-Ann Lyons – Start wining
3. Rikki Jay – Barman
4. Patrice Roberts – Wuk it

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37 thoughts on “Trinidad Soca Monarch 2010 Results

  1. patrice should have come second in groovy she was good and shal should have second in power cuz dat was boss and different like dey give da girl second as pity a wa. stupse

  2. Well done JW and Blaze, and Shurwayne!!!! I agree, Shal and screws should have come second. Fay Ann did not deserve second at all.

  3. Watch we palancing! ! !Palance ALL THE WAY! Congrats JW and Blaze. A win well deserved. Go home and breast feed Fay. Sherwayne! Congrats muh boy. Again. Fay, u shudda make more chile….seems like that is what u need to win. Organize Bunji!!!

  4. Did not see the performance but fuh fayann tuh lose in groovy…wow! Her tune for groovy real hard so she had tuh perform badly not to win…was expecting palance to win power though cuz it real real real hard…congrats fellas!

  5. GROOVY – patrice wz rubbish, fayann wz rubbish… congrats 2 shurwayne he wz outstanding…. POWER – congrats jw & blaze

  6. IS Only in Trinidad (2)POLICE could Get ROB that was second tuh (1)PALANCE even (3)SKINNY Fabulous Rob FAY ANN Was not suppose to place and Tallpree deserve that position WE GO CALL 800 TIPS fuh FAY ANN incident.

  7. You all need to stop hating on Fay ann at the end of the day its only a show life goes on who won congratulations. Fay ann better luck next time. Shurwayne well done on your performance well done.

  8. Palance palance palance……………………….Palance Palance
    Fay Ann you want some sorrel awh?…………………..
    because you deserve not to place neither in both groovey and power soca monarch.
    Well done Sherwin because you murder the crowd last night.

  9. Palance for d road, palance for d road…well done guys
    yuh done know we taking d title for road march too!
    yall did us so proud, kinda disappointed wit the results though Kerwin Dubois & Blaxx shd hav gotten ah place….and wha happen to Fay last nite she was kinda boring…NEway beta luck next time!

  10. That show should be judged more on lyrics, presentation and talent…and JW and Blaze have none of the above. They shall be the biggest one-hit-wonders in history! Well done Faye-Ann! Shurwayne..your performance was not tasteful or true to who you are as an artiste!

  11. aye shurwyane deserve wooooooooooooooo…………he boossss and palance real bad dat winning road march 4 sure !!!then true lies or hunting.

  12. Wasn’t that the same 2009 song (Leggo the beast) that Skinny Fabulous (St Vincent)sang last night in 2010 (De beast let go). What is really going on. Anyway congrats to JW & Blaze you really brought back the life of the Soca Monarch. Congrats to Shurwayne yuh good.

  13. i agree wit patrice an some of d others…. faye ann didnt derserve anything but i guess wen u force urself on ppl…. wats there left 2 do…. all dat blab she blab….. oh no faye ann….. i guess ur were left STANDIN ON D PAVEMENT…. they jus felt sry 4 her….. bcuz she is a legends daughter an another entertainer’s wife!!!!!!

  14. Congrats to JW and Blaze you all deserve to win i saw first hand the effect tht u guys had on the crowd………………….SHERWAYNE YOUR PERFORMANCE WAS BESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, you gave us theatre and music all in one a true show…………… Walrusita u need to check yuhself b4 u comment ……………..

  15. palance fuh d road…..congrats to jw & blaze they deserve this win…much love to them
    fayann was utter rubbish she shudda place 15th out of the 13 dat perform…..
    big up shurwayne…aka…groovy king

    but wait iz only me notice…….wey Iwer was….lol lol lol he did not perform….??????

  16. Iwer was back stage baby sitting Fay ann child. Fay Ann should of Baby sitt her own child and stay out the competition. lol
    Iwer you are my boy but well done by staying out. Fay Ann should take a trumph card from your PACK.

  17. FayeAnn think she could win every year.and always crying down on herself, she an bunji too, neva happy lyrics.Ah bet she go complain bout the judges, i hope she go come down from she cloud now.Palance is a natural winner.
    Sherwayne was good too but much room to improve..

  18. hmmmmmmm wat happen to ulyuh haters????? Is jus a show and is the votes that made whoever win if ulyuh wanted shal or skinny or who ever to win y ulyuh din TEXT d ppl name so d results wuda please ulyuh!!!!!!!! Who vex loss…..I support anyone dat shines TnT’s culture!

  19. Congrats to Shurwayne, JW & Blaze. All you heaters and jealous pees of Faye Ann, you are a set of losers. Faye you are the queen of Soca, steups to those heaters

  20. Jw and blaze deserve to win power …. Big up to shurwayne , yuh big yuh know …. fayeann was sh*t and im so glad that she did not place first in either.
    She gets more credits than she deserves, well next year all she and bungi will do is sing about it … that’s all they do sing about themselves and complain when they lost ….. NO road march either for you Ms Fayeann ……..HA! Palance all the way !

  21. Shurwayne you did a fabulous performance, congrats. i dont know, but sthing was lacking in fayann performance. congrats to JW & Blaze.
    Pavement should of come in, but next time. love Skinny and Talpree performance. always give their best.

  22. New faces as it is necessary for a new system to stem out who deserve to be in place & who dont. Last year Bunji and Iwer did not deserve 2nd place,this year Fayeann did not deserve 2nd place but because they are who they are it occurs, is anything fair? Some one said Fayeann did not pay the required % to soca monarch last year so she will not win this year, I did not believe it but look! she did not come first. Is anything fair? Congrats to JW & Blaze, Sherwin Winchester,Fayeann Lyons,Riki Jai & Shal & Screws.

  23. first of all me would like to say hi and i am a undiscover soca artist i look up to fay ann and i like fay ann but her performance was disgrace to trinidad and power and groovy soca mornarch i say the only reson she won last year cause she was pregnat and she should just get pregnat this year so she could win by the way in people magizine a sources and friend said fay ann lyons was some weeks pregnat but is trying to hide it from the prest and plubic so they won`t know “i guest some one will win soca monarch next year“

  24. JW & BLAZE!! Congrats to meh boys!! Kerwin and Farmer shouldda come 1st in groovy…buh say wha! Fayanne…steupsss dat shouldda just stay outta d competiton all together! Dat just come out dis yr to show off she stomach after pregnancy, now she and she husband could stay home and make up dey song fuh nex yr, bout how dey tief dem dis yr, cause dazz all dey know what tuh sing..oh and dey could include that d baby walking now in ah verse too! Chuppid fools…go and read a nursery ryme to d chile!

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