Kurt Allen T&T Calypso Monarch 2010

Kurt Allen dethroned defending monarch Chalkdust on Dimanche Gras and became Trinidad & Tobago’s 2010 National Calypso Monarch. With his sharp-tongued political commentary “Dey too bright” he convinced the audience as well as

the jury.

Kurt Allen’s winning Calypso Monarch performance on sunday night:

Sources: Trinidad Express, Bandwagonist

2 thoughts on “Kurt Allen T&T Calypso Monarch 2010

  1. OMG, I have not heard such a well made Kaiso in years. I did not even need to hear the other offerengs of Dimanche Gras to know that Kurt Allen deserved to be King.

    Nice to see Kaiso is in good hands going forward.

    His future is too damn BRIGHT!

  2. My girlfriend sent me this email 2 months ago and I just finally watched this performance. Kurt Allen’s soca commentary was very good. He gave me information about what is going on in the country. Living abroad sure have me out of touch. I did not hear the other performers but this song gave me a lot of insight about the plight of the people in TnT.

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