Berlin Karneval der Kulturen

kdkThis week people in Berlin celebrate the annual Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures). As the name might indicate, this festival is different from other Caribbean Carnival all-over the world. The KdK is a presentation of all cultures and communities living in Berlin.

During the Carnival of Cultures, visitors to the German capital, and “Kiezbewohner” alike, can experience the unique atmosphere of Berlin when the Metropolis shows itself at it’s best: cosmopolitan, multicultural and passionate. (Source)

Berlin used to have two Trinidadian mas camps: Caribbean Heatwave and TnT Masqueraders. A few years ago soca DJs and enthusiasts started to do their own soundtruck, followed by over 1000 people jumping and waving. No suprise that the demand for a new mas camp was high.. 2008 was the start with 30 costumes, 2009 with more than 80.

Here is a short list of soca events:

29/05: Carnival Jump-Up (Icon, U2 Eberswalder Strasse): Tony Tempo, Soca Twins

30/05: Hendrik’s / MashUp Crew traditional BBQ @ 1500h (Falkplatz, U2 Eberswalder Strasse)

30/05: Street festival in Berlin Kreuzberg with many stages (unfortunatly no soca, but nice)

30/05: Glow (by Escobar and Yard): for many years the main soca event for Berlin Carnival you shouldn’t miss: Mista Vybe (Trinidad), Scrappy (Montserrat), Jam Masters (NL), Soca Revolution (Sweden), MashUp Crew (Berlin), Threeks (Berlin) – Flyer (Bohannon, U+S Alexanderplatz)

31/05: KdK procession: get ready for the road (starting 1300h U Hermannplatz – map):
Truck numbers:
28 – Caribbean Connection
60 – T’n’T-Masqueraders (with MashUp Crew)
84 – Caribbean Heatwave
96 – Yard/Escobar All-Star Soca truck (with all sounds and artists from the Glow)
97 – YAAM
full list of groups

31/05: Caribbean Invasion (Yaam & Maria): Kevin Lyttle, Maximus Dan, Soca Twins and many reggae artists and sounds – flyer

More info: buy your rum at Ganick (map) – or try Berlin’s best energy drink Club Mate (available at almost all clubs and convenient stores). Shops are open till 20.00 or 24.00, but there are late night stores (so called Späti) open till late.

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