Soca goes digital: Mastamind’s “Missing Files”

Mastamind Productions - Missing Files (2007)This is a world premiere: Mastamind Productions and the soca label Faluma just released the first online-only album. Year after year many soca productions get lost cause they never made their way into the stores and are hard-to-get. Now they are available worldwide without wait and high shipping costs. So no excuse any longer for supporting pirates…

The Missing Files is a compilation of unreleased soca tunes produced in the last six months.

For the past 2 years Mastamind Productions have been releasing song after song and while some of their music have been made available for purchase on there annual album, Da Mastamind Project, there were some tunes that we enjoyed via the airwaves, but wasn’t available legally anywhere for purchase. So on 04/23/07 Mastamind Productions along with their label Faluma Records, released their first all digital album, entitled Mastamind Productions: The Missing Files. This album features 16 tracks, which were released from June 2006 to February 2007. It features artistes such as Tallpree, Leon Coldero, Lyrikal, Squeely Dan, Nadia Batson, Adrian Dutchin, Ms. Alysha, Daria (Impack 2), Shaft, Mel, Chantwell, De Postman, Third Bass, and Kevon Carter. When Speaking to Shawn “Ma$tamind” Noel, he harped on the importance of making our music, SOCA music, available for purchase. It is a very sad when the pirates on the corner have your music available for purchase before you do. (Press release)

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  1. hi i am a dj in Tampa and i am looking for 2009 soca music remixes for party can anyone help. thanks alot for a response please drop me a line at e-mail dj trinity i did a couple of underground radio stations mango radio wvud 91.3 fm etc etc

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